Cfast System

What is the Cfast System?

The Cfast system is a special orthodontic treatment that works on correcting just the front six teeth. Because these teeth are often the first that people see when you smile, correcting them is both beneficial to your confidence as well as quicker when compared to other, more invasive and complex orthodontic systems. Cfast is best suited for adult patients wanting a quick, effective way to straighten just the front teeth. The system uses clear braces and tooth-colored wiring to efficiently straighten your smile.

Why is treatment using the Cfast System needed?

You might be feeling badly about your smile and avoid showing off your teeth because of the way that you look. Likewise, you may be putting off orthodontic treatment because of the price or commitment that is involved. Cfast is quicker and often more affordable than other treatment options. By only straightening the front six teeth on both the upper and lower jaw, you’re correcting the problem that has the most impact on your self-esteem.

Woman's Smile With Clear Dental Braces On Teeth

What makes you a good candidate for the Cfast System?

Cfast is best suited for adult patients wanting to quickly yet effectively straighten their smile. We can examine your teeth and take x-rays to determine if the system is right for you. Cfast is not meant to correct severe orthodontic problems, but it can be incredibly effective at straightening the front teeth. Most patients who are interested in Cfast are good candidates for this treatment.

What happens during treatment of the Cfast System?

After having a thorough consultation in our office, we will place clear brackets on just the front teeth. A thin, tooth-colored wire is then placed over these brackets. The wire and brackets work together to push and pull the teeth into proper alignment. You’ll come into the office every few weeks to have the wiring adjusted. Because the system is clear, most people won’t even know you have anything on your teeth. Treatment is typically finished in just six months to a year depending on the patient’s needs.

If you are interested in the Cfast system and how it works, call the office today to speak with one of our trained professionals.