Dental Bridges

What are Dental Bridges?

A fixed bridge is a dental restoration that can enhance your smile and fill in areas where teeth are missing. The bridge itself will attach to the two adjacent teeth, and the middle section of the bridge contains the false tooth, known as the pontic. Bridges are ideal for patients who are completely missing one or more teeth and don’t want to have dental implants placed. We offer high-quality porcelain bridges in our office for a natural, durable look.

Why are Dental Bridges needed?

The reason you may need a bridge is because you’re missing a tooth. Bridges are ideal for patients who can’t have or don’t want dental implants. The beauty about bridge work is that it is both functional as well as cosmetic. The bridge helps to fill in your smile so that you feel better about the way that you look while simultaneously improving the way that your mouth functions.

What Are Dental Bridges
Why Are Dental Bridges Needed

Who is a candidate for a Dental Bridge?

Most patients who need a dental bridge can and should consider having the restoration placed. The reason for this is because it is simple to make and place within the mouth, and there is no surgery, incisions or sutures required. We will perform an examination to determine if you may need a new porcelain bridge. Bridges are ideal for patients who are not good candidates for dental implant surgery.

What happens during the procedure for Dental Bridges?

We numb the area with a local anesthetic to ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the procedure. We then file down the two surrounding teeth. Impressions are taken of this area and used to create your new porcelain bridge. You will then come back into the office for a follow-up visit so that we can place the permanent bridge. Any adjustments to the restoration are made during this visit. You can then leave the office feeling confident in your new smile. Most bridges can last for decades without needing any special care or treatment.

If you think you may need a new bridge and want to come into the office for a consultation, call us today so that we can get you in as soon as possible.