Sports Mouth Guards

What are Sports Mouth Guards?

If you or your child plays close contact sports, it is important that you keep your smile protected. You never know when or if you’ll sustain a facial injury. If your teeth are left uncovered and exposed, this could mean a broken or cracked smile as well as severe pain and months worth of treatment. We are able to make a custom-fit sports mouth guard that offers more comfort and protection than a typical boil-and-bite mouthpiece.

Why are Sports Mouth Guards needed?

These mouth guards are often needed by patients who play close contact sports. These sports include football, hockey, baseball and wrestling. Other sports and activities that could result in a facial injury can also benefit from a sports mouth guard. These guards provide protection both at the front of your smile as well as in between your teeth. This can prevent severe damage to your teeth, gums and tongue if you should get hit in the face.

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Who is a candidate for Sports Mouth Guards?

Anyone who plays close contact sports can benefit from these guards. There is no age restriction on wearing a mouth guard. Because they are custom fitted to the patient, they’re incredibly comfortable and offer superior protection. In order for the guard to work effectively, it should be put into the mouth before actually playing sports.

What can you expect during the appointment for a Sports Mouth Guard?

The appointment will begin with an impression to take a mold of your teeth and gums. We use these impressions to make the sports mouth guard. You’ll come in after about a week or two to have the guard fitted. We will make adjustments to it, as needed, so that it is as comfortable as possible. You should remove your sports guard after each use and clean it to remove any bacteria. As the mouth guard shows signs of wear, we are able to remake and replace it for you.

If you are interested in having a sports mouth guard made just for you, call us today so that we can get you in for a convenient appointment.