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Do you take my insurance?
We participate with some major dental insurance plans and are in network with the carriers listed here. Before your appointment, we will contact your dental insurance company and request a comprehensive breakdown of your dental insurance benefits and deductibles. We will then provide you with the details you need to know about your coverage, patient co-payments and out of pocket expenses. Whether or not we participate with your plan, we will still process your dental insurance claims for you. We strive to ensure all patients receive the maximum available dental benefits you are entitled to!
How much will my treatment cost?

We are very transparent with our pricing and sometimes we need to do a little research before giving you a direct quote.  Fees are based on your unique needs, the necessary procedure and laboratory costs, if applicable. We will always provide you with an estimated range for a procedure. Click Here For Estimates

Do you have before or after work appointments?

Yes we do, in order to accommodate your busy schedule. We can schedule appointments early morning, late afternoon, early evening and some Saturdays. Please see our convenient office hours here.

I'm having pain - can you see me today?

Yes we can! Emergencies happen and we accommodate them to the best of our availability, mostly on a same-day basis.

Are you accepting new patients?

We LOVE new patients!  The most important thing we do at The Dentists of Woodbridge is care for YOU along with your friends, family members and co-workers.


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